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Re: Automating dpkg-reconfigure answers via a shell script

Previously VALETTE Eric wrote:
> The reason behind that is that I normally install testing with a 
> collection of selected packages from unstable (e.g gs-alladin, X11 4.1.x 
> untiul recently...). So not apt-get or dselect would do the job.

apt will do the job, read the apt-preferences manpage.

> I did dpkg-reconfigure debconf and selected the non-interactive mode. 
> But installing pacakages, I was prompted for questions anyway and the 
> usual <<EOF shell trick did not work.

Sounds like a debconf bug.

> It should be possible to do
> dpkg -i pkg.deb <<EOF
> value1
> value2
> ...
> valuen

No it should not, that is completely the wrong way to do it. That
is just a hack to work around debconf not working properly for you
or packages not using it yet.


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