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Re: misc dpkg changes(improvements)

Wichert Akkerman <wichert@valinux.com> writes:

> >   http://appel.lilypond.org/sofware/dpkg-
> The requested URL /sofware/dpkg- was not found on this
> server.

Sorry, try ``software''.

> had a build system none of us wanted to maintain so applying
> the patch didn't make much sense. At that time dpkg was also being
> non-maintainer for lack of a better term.

Ok, thanks.  Just too bad I didn't get a response back then.  Anyway,
it's good to see this kind of dpkg development.  At the time, the
sorry state of dpkg -- the entry point of Debian for curious
non-debian users like me -- and the fact that Debian didn't seem to be
able to respond to patches in any way, made me turn away again for
another year.

However, I switched to Debian/powerpc a few months ago, and aside from
the warm fuzzy feeling it gives me, I can't imagine ever going back to
the horrors of browsing the internet for the latest (possibly wrongly
packaged) RPMs, esp. for an in-flux platform like powerpc.


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