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Re: misc dpkg changes(improvements)

Previously Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:
>   http://appel.lilypond.org/sofware/dpkg-

The requested URL /sofware/dpkg- was not found on this

>   changelog:
>   [...]
>   * Fixed circular dependencies; configuration and compilation
>     (and packaging) do not depend on an installed dpkg anymore.
>     + Configure/build/package without dpkg installed;
>       use newly built dpkg-* tools for packaging
>     + Fixed dpkg-parsechangelog and dpgk-gencontrol '-L' switch
>     + Added -L option to dpgk-gencontrol, passed on to dpgk-parsechangelog
> </whine> had a build system none of us wanted to maintain so applying
the patch didn't make much sense. At that time dpkg was also being
non-maintainer for lack of a better term.


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