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Re: misc dpkg changes(improvements)

> >   * debian/rules now uses the freshly built dpkg binaries and scripts
> >     to build itself.  You don't have to hand install dpkg to build dpkg
> >     now.
> Excellent, this was something I was fighting with some time back.


I sent a patch that did this, amongst other things, somewhere
June 1999, and I didn't even get so much as an email saying
``we can't use your patch like this'', or ``bugger off'' ...

I guess its moot now, but


  * Fixed circular dependencies; configuration and compilation
    (and packaging) do not depend on an installed dpkg anymore.
    + Configure/build/package without dpkg installed;
      use newly built dpkg-* tools for packaging
    + Fixed dpkg-parsechangelog and dpgk-gencontrol '-L' switch
    + Added -L option to dpgk-gencontrol, passed on to dpgk-parsechangelog


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