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Re: deb==ar compatability

Ben Collins wrote:
> > I thought it would be a handy to be able to extract debs on the floppies
> > without requiring the full functionality of dpkg-deb.
> >
> > e.g. instead of having a big pre-prepared base.tgz some base files could
> > be just extracted from their regular debs.
> The only problem with that is expressed in a bug report on dpkg. It does
> not honor some symlinks like dpkg would. For example, if you have a
> symlink from /var to /usr/var, tar would simply overwrite with a
> directory.
Is this the the bug your refering to ?

> Maybe one day we can have the full dpkg in the boot disks, or something
> that can atleast mimic enough functionality to do the job for new
> installs.

Or the full dpkg could be the first package extracted by something with
less functionality.


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