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Re: deb==ar compatability

Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously bug1 wrote:
> > Hi, im implementing a mini ar command for boot-floppies to enable debs
> > to be unpacked by busybox alone.
> Out of curiosity, why do you need that on boot-floppies? I know someone
> already implemented ar as an awk script for a boot floppy btw.
I didnt realise there was an awk script to do it, i guess i should have 
looked around harder before i started, ill have to check it out.

I thought it would be a handy to be able to extract debs on the floppies
without requiring the full functionality of dpkg-deb.

e.g. instead of having a big pre-prepared base.tgz some base files could
be just extracted from their regular debs.

Ive passed on what i have to debian-boot, but havent discussed this
particular idea yet, they are trying to focus on potato. I think the
next generation of boot floppies could change quite a bit.

Busybox already has tar and gz support, and ive found that tar and ar
can share some functions, it currently compiles to a 3KB object file, so
it doesnt add a very significant size cost to busybox. I guess the awk
script would be small as well, as long as you have awk. 

Anyway, to late to stop now, it already works, i just have to clean it
up a bit, and my c skills needed work anyway.


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