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Debian vs Red Hat??? I need info.

I'm a long time Red Hat user.  Basically the company I'm working for is
currently using Red Hat but for some reason they're considering switching
to Debian.  I personally don't have any experience with Debian abd
honestly I'm open to anything but I was hoping for some positive feedback
from people who have used both Red Hat and Debian.  My main interests are:

Dpkg vs RPM
	Both managability and build packages.  I have heard a lot
	of "good things" about dpkg.
Customization of the distro
	We do a lot of customization to our distro.  Can this easily
	be done with debian?
Autoinstall (Red Hat's kickstart)
	This is also something fairly important.  We need this as we do a
	lot of mass installs.


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