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Re: deb-cfmgr: Debian conffile prompting tool.

On 26 Mar 2000 07:45:18 -0500, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> I don't mind improving dpkg, but if we're going to add some new
> frontend it should use debconf. We're slowly starting to move to
> using debconf for all user interaction and having dpkg itself use
> something else would be silly.

I agree that all user interaction should be through debconf, if
possible... that's jyst a good idea for user interface consistency. I
just think that dpkg should have a generic way of asking the user the
conffile replacement question.

This way, programs like the one I have written could ask at the start
of an apt run about the conffiles that will change. I've found that I
can scan to figure this out rather quickly... on my laptop it takes
about a minute to scan my apt cache directory, which I left 400+
packages in.

The object is to move all of those questions to the start of an apt
run, in the same way dpkg-preconfigure did.

I'll look strongly into a debconf frontend. The problem I have is that
all of the questions asked are unique, and probably shouldn't be
stored in a backend database. (Since they change every run, and may
have different answers every run.)

Is there a way to use debconf to prompt the user for an answer to a
question without having to generate a template and use that. (Thus
filling the user's database up with crud.) I guess I could have it
purge all of the questions it asks... but that just seems somewhat
less than satisfactory to me. (There wouldn't perchance, be a
dialog-type program that simply uses debconf's frontends, would there?)

However, I think that the modifications to dpkg shouldn't depend on
debconf directly. The biggest reason is that the conffile prompts
would, while looking nicer, occur at the same time... while the
original goal was a noniteractive upgrade after the original question
period. My tool provides a decent way of achieving this.
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