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Re: deb-cfmgr: Debian conffile prompting tool.

Tom Rothamel wrote:
> I'll look strongly into a debconf frontend. The problem I have is that
> all of the questions asked are unique, and probably shouldn't be
> stored in a backend database. (Since they change every run, and may
> have different answers every run.)
The questions are unique, but very related. You could deal with this by
having a debconf template that contains the common text, with substitution
tags in it where the conffile-specific stuff (like name of file, etc) goes.
Then you just instantiate questions from that template as needed, set up
the substitutions, and the defaults, and display them.

You may or may not want to delete them from the database once they're used.
On the one hand, they will probably not be used again on the same machine.
On the other hand, one of the future goals of debconf is the use it to
configure multiple similar machines in a cluster. In that case, it would be
nice if the other machines could know what to do with the conffiles based
on what you do to one of them.

see shy jo

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