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Re: Proposal: handle dpkg as a non-Debian package

Previously Guy Maor wrote:
> Set your CVSROOT to :ext:wakkerma@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/dpkg and set
> CVS_RSH to ssh.  Are you familiar with cvs?

I know just enough CVS to commit, update and even handle a normal
branch. Ie everything I needed for strace so far :). 
> Do you have old versions of source dpkg around?

I have, and through and some small
changes that are intended to become 

> It would be great to recreate as much of the history as possible.


> If you have old versions laying around, or better yet, you are using
> your own CVS tree, I can help you merge them.

I'm not comfortable enough with CVS to use it locally, I usually just
work on one or two local copies. I'm slowly getting used to it now that
I'm also managing the strace CVS though.


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