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Re: Proposal: handle dpkg as a non-Debian package

Previously Guy Maor wrote:
> So I propose that Wichert, and anybody else who is interested, handle
> dpkg as an upstream package with an orig.tar.gz, and a diff.gz.

Excellent plan, but right now the diff is huge since dpkg-iwj doesn't
have gettext-support yet.. So every single line of code that contains a
string shows up in the diff. Until that is changed handling dpkg as an
upstream package is not very practical.. 

It would probably be very helpful if dpkg-iwj became a (pseudo)package
that the BTS can handle as well: that makes it easier to forward bugs to
upstream (simply reassign :).

> We could use the vendor branch facility to push dpkg-iwj into dpkg.

I'm afraid I'm not familiar enough with CVS to be able to use that,
someone will have to help me a bit here initially..

> We could maybe have more people writing to the dpkg tree.  (I'm pretty
> familiar with a lot of the code for example.)  It's much easier to
> track Ian's work with a vendor branch.

I'ld love to see things like dpkg-source having a seperate maintainer
btw. I have an implementation from Klee that does things like build
dependencies which I would love to see included. (it's quite awesome: it
checks build-dependencies, figures out what it needs to build a package,
can setup a chroot-environment for the build and then build all needed

Small update btw: includes the japanese translation for some
manpages, so dpkg-doc-ja is now obsolete. will include an
updated dpkg-scansources with a better approach to handling GnuPG
signatures, and some small updates to the documentation to reflect the
changes made for FHS.


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