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Proposal: handle dpkg as a non-Debian package

For whatever reasons, Ian works on dpkg at irregular intervals, and
that isn't enough to fully support Debian.

So I propose that Wichert, and anybody else who is interested, handle
dpkg as an upstream package with an orig.tar.gz, and a diff.gz.  We
can continue to have the CVS modules dpkg and dpkg-iwj.  We could use
the vendor branch facility to push dpkg-iwj into dpkg.  We could maybe
have more people writing to the dpkg tree.  (I'm pretty familiar with
a lot of the code for example.)  It's much easier to track Ian's work
with a vendor branch

If others are interested, let's come up with a simple procedure for
keeping track of which bugs are fixed in dpkg vs which bugs are fixed
in dpkg-iwj, and let's go from there.


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