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Re: `forwarded' status of dpkg bugs - please don't !

Jason Gunthorpe writes ("Re: `forwarded' status of dpkg bugs - please don't !"):
> On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > va's CVS tree is considerably out-of-synch with mine; I don't think
> > merging them would be possible.
> ssh va
> cd /cvs/dpkg
> mkdir dpkg-iwj
> (or the proper magic CVS import command will also work)
> You have the necessary permissions to do that.

I'm working on a system connected only via dialup with per-minute
charging, so I want to avoid being online too much.

Can I use rdist to upload my own CVS tree so that people can look at
it ?  I'd rather not have to deal with people checking things into yet
another dpkg CVS fork, but I'd be very happy to distribute my code so
that people can send me patches against something resembling my tree.

If this is OK and likely to work (via ssh) let me know and I'll set up
a cron to do it once a week.  Any hints (eg, example fragments from
your own configs) from rdist experts appreciated - it'll save me
poring over the manual.


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