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Re: `forwarded' status of dpkg bugs - please don't !

On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Jason Gunthorpe writes ("Re: `forwarded' status of dpkg bugs - please don't !"):
> > On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > > va's CVS tree is considerably out-of-synch with mine; I don't think
> > > merging them would be possible.
> > 
> > ssh va
> > cd /cvs/dpkg
> > mkdir dpkg-iwj
> > 
> > (or the proper magic CVS import command will also work)
> > 
> > You have the necessary permissions to do that.
> I'm working on a system connected only via dialup with per-minute
> charging, so I want to avoid being online too much.
> Can I use rdist to upload my own CVS tree so that people can look at
> it ?  I'd rather not have to deal with people checking things into yet
> another dpkg CVS fork, but I'd be very happy to distribute my code so
> that people can send me patches against something resembling my tree.
> If this is OK and likely to work (via ssh) let me know and I'll set up
> a cron to do it once a week.  Any hints (eg, example fragments from
> your own configs) from rdist experts appreciated - it'll save me
> poring over the manual.


I've just set up a system a bit like this here, and I'd recommend rsync.
The procedure goes like this:

rsync -vvz --stats -e ssh local-dir www.debian.org:/somewhere/to/put/it

This will do intelligent incremental updates, including creating and
deleting subdirectories as appropriate.

The -vv and --stats can be omitted.  They just show you what's going on.
The -z is good, it gives compression. The above line will use ssh, so
you'll need to either use ssh-agent, or type in your password.

Now, I'm not a CVS guru, but I'm guessing that to do this trick on a CVS
tree, you want to perform the rsync on the CVS repository itself (i.e. the
RCS files), and not a checked out copy.  Then there could be a cvs tree on
va which people could work with (read-only) and submit patches obtained by
cvs diff to you if they thought they were important.

[Incidentally, when you say 'per-minute charging' do you mean BT, or your
ISP?  I hope you mean BT, since most ISPs here don't charge per minute]

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