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Any other NMU changes ? and severity `fixed'

As I said, at the moment I'm going through all the severity fixed bugs
against dpkg and copying or implementing fixes.

If there are any changes in the NMU series that are not documented in
bug reports in the BTS then they will probably eventually be LOST !

I don't guarantee to try to diff my eventual tree against the NMU
tree, because the diffs are probably going to be quite large (mainly
for administrative reasons).  Even if I do, I may miss something.

Furthermore, I will probably release my new dpkg tree into unstable as
soon as I've dealt with all the severity fixed bugs.  If there are
improvements in the NMU series which are in the BTS, but which don't
have severity fixed, then I'll probably release a version of dpkg in
which those changes have been reverted, and without being aware of the
fact that I'm doing so.

So: if you have contributed to a fix that went into the NMU series,
please check whether that fix is documented in the BTS, and if so,
whether it is marked `Severity: fixed'.  If it is not in the BTS,
please report it; if it is, but not `Severity: fixed', please change
the severity.

Note that you'll find that some of the bugs are marked as `forwarded'
to me.  Please do not alter the forwarded state of any dpkg bugs, and
if you file a new bug, do not mark it as forwarded.


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