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Re: Info request on how documentation is built for the website - FAQ example

On Sunday 05 June 2016, at 23:20 +0900, victory wrote:
> On Sun, 5 Jun 2016 15:00:32 +0200
> Beatrice Torracca wrote:
> > In the past I had to try to understand part of this mechanism to try to
> > validate my translations or to move a translation from sgml to po, or
> > just for curiosity and to be able to be more involved in the process.
> first, use your own system to test, do not try it on the server :)
> no real hardware needed for that :)

Yes, of course. :)

I did not mean that I wanted to test my translation on the server. I
never did that.

Still I need to know what "make" command to use on my system too if I
want to create the documentation locally and check that the translated
version compiles correctly.

Also if the translated version does not show on the website correctly it
is necessary to understand what is going wrong if I want to be able to help.

> > I imagine the top-level Makefile in the svn ddp repo gets called and
> > then the 7doc script in cron/parts of the debwww git repo should somehow
> > publish the doc online. But then what is going wrong here? Or am I
> > missing something obvious? (It might very well be because my
> > understanding of those scripts is very limited).
> see SUBDIRS in the ddp's top level Makefile which you mentioned;
> it does not contain any "debian-faq"
> so the answer is:
> yes, you overlooked what the Makefile does;
> nothing on the server scripts was the factor

That is a starting point for me to understand, thanks. 

So I guess the webpages for debian-faq are gathered from the debian-faq

> note: 7doc_manuals (not 7doc) handles svn versions
> 7doc handles files in ftpdir/pool/ pulled from ftp, 
> which means it cares "packaged" manuals

OK, thanks again. debian-faq is indeed a packaged manual.


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