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Re: Info request on how documentation is built for the website - FAQ example

On Sun, 5 Jun 2016 15:00:32 +0200
Beatrice Torracca wrote:

> In the past I had to try to understand part of this mechanism to try to
> validate my translations or to move a translation from sgml to po, or
> just for curiosity and to be able to be more involved in the process.

first, use your own system to test, do not try it on the server :)
no real hardware needed for that :)

> I imagine the top-level Makefile in the svn ddp repo gets called and
> then the 7doc script in cron/parts of the debwww git repo should somehow
> publish the doc online. But then what is going wrong here? Or am I
> missing something obvious? (It might very well be because my
> understanding of those scripts is very limited).

see SUBDIRS in the ddp's top level Makefile which you mentioned;
it does not contain any "debian-faq"
so the answer is:
yes, you overlooked what the Makefile does;
nothing on the server scripts was the factor

note: 7doc_manuals (not 7doc) handles svn versions

7doc handles files in ftpdir/pool/ pulled from ftp, 
which means it cares "packaged" manuals

no need to CC me :-)

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