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Info request on how documentation is built for the website - FAQ example

Hi all,

Since I work a lot on translations I would like to understand more how
the built system works to get the documentation from its sources in the
ddp repo to the webpages.

There are some things that I still can not understand. One very
stupid/simple example, using the Debian FAQ is this.
The sgml file is updated and correct (decision vs. decission).
The pot file is correct.
Both Italian and German translation are 100% completed in the po file.

But then you get this 3 pages:

English one with the mistake still present (last line of the question)
German one with no sign at all of the sentence, and without some of the
codenames (no orgiginal version shown in their place)

Italian page with the sentence (with the mistake) and other codenames in
the original untranslated version.

The mistake was fixed in the repo the 15th of April.

In the past I had to try to understand part of this mechanism to try to
validate my translations or to move a translation from sgml to po, or
just for curiosity and to be able to be more involved in the process.

I imagine the top-level Makefile in the svn ddp repo gets called and
then the 7doc script in cron/parts of the debwww git repo should somehow
publish the doc online. But then what is going wrong here? Or am I
missing something obvious? (It might very well be because my
understanding of those scripts is very limited).

So I would be grateful if someone can explain me this, or point me to
some info, even if maybe it would be obvious for many of you.



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