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Bug#704293: release-notes: drop explanation of how to find obsolete packages from dselect

Justin B Rye wrote:

> I should like to call your attention to the fact that this whole
> paragraph is just confused, and needs to be rewritten.

I just looked over your patch[1].  It changes a different paragraph
than the one I modified.

The paragraph modified by [1] is about how to free up some space.
I believe its intent is:

	One way to free up space is to remove packages you do
	not need.  Here are a few ways to find candidate packages
	to remove:

	 * Run popcon-largest-unused, which finds large packages
	   whose files you haven't touched recently.

	 * Run "apt-get autoremove", which removes packages that
	   were automatically installed and for which there is no
	   longer a manually installed package justifying their
	   continued installation.

	 * Run deborphan or debfoster, which more aggressively
	   searches for unnecessary packages based on package

	 * Run aptitude and look for the "Obsolete and Locally
	   Created Packages" category, which will contain packages
	   from previous releases that you never bothered to remove.

The patch [1] removes important details, so I fear it needs more work.
I agree with the goal, though.


[1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/2013/03/msg00066.html

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