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Bug#704293: release-notes: drop explanation of how to find obsolete packages from dselect

Package: release-notes
Version: r9650
Tags: wheezy patch

Anyone still using dselect these days knows very well how to use it.
New users are presumably using aptitude instead.  The vague tip below
seems out of place, so this patch removes it.

Index: upgrading.dbk
--- upgrading.dbk	(révision 9650)
+++ upgrading.dbk	(copie de travail)
@@ -1976,8 +1976,7 @@
 Detecting which packages in an updated system are <quote>obsolete</quote> is easy since the
 package management front-ends will mark them as such.  If you are using
 <command>aptitude</command>, you will see a listing of these packages in the
-<quote>Obsolete and Locally Created Packages</quote> entry.  <command>dselect</command>
-provides a similar section but the listing it presents might differ.
+<quote>Obsolete and Locally Created Packages</quote> entry.
 Also, if you have used <command>aptitude</command> or

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