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Re: Request for updated info on d-i for the Release Notes

Quoting Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña (jfs@computer.org):

> Wasn't Serbian disabled too? (at least this is what I found in previous
> announcements from d-i)

Nope. It has been re-enabled (Serbian/cyrillic. We have work for
Serbian/Latin but sr~latin is badly supported as language code)

> Based on this information, I have updated the section about
> languages like this:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>     New languages
>         Thanks to the huge efforts of translators, Debian GNU/Linux
>         can now be installed in 67 languages. This is three more
>         languages than in lenny. Most languages are available in both
>         the text-based installation user interface and the graphical
>         user interface, whileas some are only available in the
>         graphical user interface.
>         Languages added in this release include:
>           * Asturian, Estonian, Kazakh and Persian have been aded to
>             the graphical and console installers.

Maybe "text-based" here, for consistency?

>           * Kannada and Telugu have been added to the graphical
>             installer.
>           * Thai, previously available only in the graphical user
>             interface, is now available also in the text-based
>             installation user interface too.
>         Due to the lack of translation updates three languages were
>         dropped in this release: Serbian, Wolof and Welsh.

No, not Serbian.

> > (I find the last sentence a good way to give Frans some dedication
> > without giving too much emphasis to it, which he would maybe not have
> > wished. Of course, your mileage may vary)
> You will see that I have ommitted that. I would be more comfortable if the
> d-i made an official dedication to Frans for Squeeze. Will that happen?

Hmm, we still need to discuss that between otavio, joeyh, cjwatson and
/me, at least.

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