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Request for updated info on d-i for the Release Notes

Hello there d-i team & friends,

We are in the process of revamping the Release Notes for the Squeeze
release and one of the chapters in need of review/update is the
"Installation System" chapter [1]. This chapter should list the new
features of the d-i system for this specific release. However, the
current content is specific to the Lennny release and needs to be
fully reviewed.

Browsing the Debian Installer Goals for Squeeze in the wiki [2] I can
get a feeling of some of the most relevant changes, but it would help
if the specific goals that have been met and change the user
experience (from previous d-i versions) is detailed. I would
appreciate if you could provide the following:

- a list of new features not available in the previous release
- a list of features that were available in the previous release that
are no longer available now
- a list of the new languages available for the d-i since the last
release (if any) or languages that have been dropped

Some of these we can find by comparing the d-i manual from Lenny to
Squeeze. For example, alpha or arm are no longer a supported arches in
d-i, and support for some flavors/platforms/subarchitectures (mainly
in mips and arm?) has changed too.

However, it would help the Release Notes editors a lot if the d-i team
provided a detailed description of this information.

If you can, it might be also useful to know which of the features
previous available in the Lenny release in d-i are no longer supported
or have changed dramatically as that might be relevant for the upgrade
process. That is, what will happen if a user installed Lenny with
feature X which is no longer supported in Squeeze and he upgrades from
one release to the other one.

Finally, you might want to summarise the information and use it to
also update the NewInSqueeze information in the wiki [3] related to
the Debian installer.

Thanks for your help!


[1] You can read it online for the i386 arch in
(there are few arch-dependant stuff IIRC)

[2] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/SqueezeGoals

[3] http://wiki.debian.org/NewInSqueeze

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