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Re: Request for updated info on d-i for the Release Notes

Quoting Javier Fernandez-Sanguino (jfs@debian.org):

> Browsing the Debian Installer Goals for Squeeze in the wiki [2] I can
> get a feeling of some of the most relevant changes, but it would help
> if the specific goals that have been met and change the user
> experience (from previous d-i versions) is detailed. I would
> appreciate if you could provide the following:
> - a list of new features not available in the previous release
> - a list of features that were available in the previous release that
> are no longer available now
> - a list of the new languages available for the d-i since the last
> release (if any) or languages that have been dropped

Here are data for localization:

D-I now supports 67 languages (including English) with 5 really new
languages, 1 re-added language, 1 language now supported in the
console installer and 2 dropped languages:
- Asturian, Kazakh and Persian added to the graphical and console
- Kannada and Telugu added to the graphical installer;
- Estonian re-added to the graphical and console installer;
- Thai (already available in the graphical installer) now available in
  the console installer too;
- Wolof and Welsh disabled (too incomplete translations).

The steps for localization-related choices (language, country, locale)
were significantly improved to make choices more natural for users and
the consequences of these choices (mirror, timezone, keymap
selections) more obvious. This work was one of the major contributions
by regretted Frans Pop.

(I find the last sentence a good way to give Frans some dedication
without giving too much emphasis to it, which he would maybe not have
wished. Of course, your mileage may vary)

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