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Re: Please proof-read Debian 5.0 ("lenny") release notes

(For some reason I didn't get a copy via debian-l10n-english, so
apologies for any odd headers in this faked-up "reply".)

"W. Martin Borgert" <debacle@debian.org> wrote:
> On 2009-01-26 19:49, Justin B Rye wrote:
>> 5.1.9's checklist isn't quite a grammatical sentence, but you can
>> probably get away with that.
> If you don't mind, please give me a hint to fix it anyway.

-In rare cases the sound might stop working after the upgrade. If
+In rare cases, sound might stop working after the upgrade. If
 this happens, go through the alsa checklist: run alsaconf as root
-user, add your user to the audio group, use alsamixer and make sure
-levels are up and it is unmuted, make sure arts or esound stopped,
-make sure OSS modules unloaded, make sure speakers are on, check
+user; add your user to the audio group; use alsamixer to make sure
+levels are up and it is unmuted; make sure arts and esound are not running;
+make sure no OSS modules are loaded; make sure the speakers are on; and check
 whether the command cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp works for root.

>> 5.2.3 talks about alsa-base configuration needing either hotplug or
>> discover installed.  Lenny has no such package as hotplug, and its
>> alsa-base Depends on discover.  Stale?
> Hm, alsa-base conflicts with certain versions of discover, but  
> which Depends do you mean?         

Oh!  Sorry, my mistake, I saw it in "apt-cache rdepends discover"
and didn't think to double-check.

>> 6.3 (last paragraph): what's this about "reference cards" in
>> /usr/share/doc/debian?  I see no cards here!  Does it mean
>> /usr/share/doc/debian/bug-reporting.txt?
> Mystic. No idea. Seems to be in the release notes since long
> time. Maybe "reference documentation"?

Sounds fine.

>> A.1 talks about the package list containing "etch packages" - is
>> that a typo for something like "etch lines"?  "etch references"?
> Changed to "references to etch". OK?

Sounds fine.

>> Now, that was i386/release-notes.  How do I check for divergences in
>> other architectures?
> You can now build the release notes with architecture=all, which
> is just a pseudonym for including all conditional text:
> $ make txt LINGUA=en architecture=all

First I'll need to brush up on which end of a Subversion source
repository is which.
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