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Re: deprecated entries in release-notes ?

On 2008-11-24 08:51, Andrei Popescu wrote:
> Does it mean such entries are fair game? I've been holding of 
> translating some entries because I was waiting for removal.

Of course, all obsolete entries should be removed. We removed
some of them back in August during Debconf, but not all, sorry.

> I'll be back with more specific info, but from the top of my head:
> - devfs -> udev

Removed now (rev. 5582).

> - AFAIK etch doesn't support 2.4 kernels, so all 2.4 -> 2.6 entries

While 2.4 was officially deprecated for etch, we should at least
point to the previous release notes about the issue, as
(according to entries in mailing lists and forums) some people
run etch with a 2.4 kernel. They should, of course, upgrade
their kernel first.

> - initrd-tools stuff

This should be gone since quite some time.

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