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Re: Howto add new translations?

Hi Borys, Matt,

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 03:34:18PM +0400, Yanovych Borys wrote:
> Unfortunately, a ‘roundabout’ method (use KOI8-R) is impossible, as 
> this locale doesn’t contain some Ukrainian characters. Certainly, it is 

Oh, it would be possible using make magic, but is very ugly. I tried for
example to create HTML files which works (but the charset needs to be
adapted). Using option -s it would be possible to provide a script which
transforms the created .tex file to become a valid Ukrainian one, ...

> possible to make patch for locale KOI8-U, but, as I understand, less 
> problems it will not become. Or am I wrong?

No, you're not wrong. My concerns were related to the fact that the
installed version of debiandoc-sgml on the build host is an old one.
Another patch to it would require the same time until it is installed.

> Alike, now ‘purpose number one’ is complete testing of patch and 
> correction errors (if such are). Sgml-files with the Ukrainian translation 
> it is possible to find here: http://www.cluster.kiev.ua/borman/debian_faq/. 
> Hope, they will help.

Thanks, I committed these.

Since debiandoc-sgml is not yet able to create the documents I created
these on my system using debiandoc-sgml from Alioth CVS.

Matt, can you please extract http://people.freenet.de/jese/debian-faq.uk.tgz
in ddp/manuals.sgml/faq/uk/ on www-master? Please ensure that the owner
and permissions match the files created by the build system.
This should be the easiest solution until an updated debiandoc-sgml
package is available.
Same for apt-howto.uk.tgz.

Borys, please change the header of the Debian FAQ SGML files from 
<!-- retain these comments for translator revision tracking -->
<!-- Original version: $Revision: 1.1 $ -->
<!-- CVS revision of original english document "1.22" -->
where 1.22 refers to the English version/revision you used for
translation of the individual files.

These strings are interpreted by the bin/doc-check script (just
check it with argument "uk").

Since each update of Ukrainian files needs to be coordinated with Matt,
I will commit all changes you send me only if really necessary.


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