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Re: Howto add new translations?

Thanks, Jens.

These translations are also accessible on the Ukrainian Linux-documentation web site (http://docs.linux.org.ua). So, I hope that they will not be lost. Mainly, that persons interested to support it were. :-)

Unfortunately, a ‘roundabout’ method (use KOI8-R) is impossible, as this locale doesn’t contain some Ukrainian characters. Certainly, it is possible to make patch for locale KOI8-U, but, as I understand, less problems it will not become. Or am I wrong?

Alike, now ‘purpose number one’ is complete testing of patch and correction errors (if such are). Sgml-files with the Ukrainian translation it is possible to find here: http://www.cluster.kiev.ua/borman/debian_faq/. Hope, they will help.


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