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Re: Howto add new translations?

Hi Borys,

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 11:23:36AM +0300, Yanovych Borys wrote:
> I'm one of the Ukrainian translators of Debian's web site and documentation.
> There are a few full translations (for example, Debian FAQ, apt-howto). I
> would like to add them on official site and support in the actual state in
> future. Is it possible?

only partially. It's no problem to commit it now and I strongly suggest to do so.
Otherwise it may happen that your translation vanishes (happened for example with
parts of the first German translation effort of the FAQ).

But as you know debiandoc-sgml does not yet support Ukrainian UTF-8 mode.
Thanks to your and Eugeniy Meshcheryakov's patch (#366992) this will change
soon. Nevertheless there are a few steps missing:
First we need to upload it and wait until it reaches testing. Than we should
ask debian-admin to install it on the build host www-master. I'm not sure
whether that's possible. Maybe it's also possible to provide a backported
I also thought about a workaround such as using Russian locale mode of
debiandoc-sgml since the encoding (after iconv call), ... is similar.

I strongly suggest you send me your files first. They would also be useful
to test your patch. (I used Russian texts in the past for these tests.)

> Tell, please, that for this purpose is needed to do
> or to whom will appeal through this question?

This list is indeed the correct address.

PS: I assume you have patches for the English documents as well? At least I
noticed that the Debian FAQ is partly completly out of date. It's on my TODO
list but you may be faster :-)


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