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RE: Howto add new translations?


> Borys, please change the header of the Debian FAQ SGML files from
> <!-- retain these comments for translator revision tracking -->
> <!-- Original version: $Revision: 1.1 $ --> to
> <!-- CVS revision of original english document "1.22" --> where 1.22
refers to the English version/revision you used for translation of the
individual files.
> These strings are interpreted by the bin/doc-check script (just check it
with argument "uk").
Ok, thank you for this remark. I corrected it.
> Since each update of Ukrainian files needs to be coordinated with Matt, I
will commit all changes you send me only if really necessary.
Good. If a correction of headers is not indeed important correction, it will
happen only after a while. 
Else I can send the renewed version already now.

Best regards.

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