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Re: Please create pseudo package "release-notes" for BTS

On Friday 10 June 2005 13:14, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> This is because the way we current handle documentation packages is
> just plain wrong. It should be possible to upload documentation
> packages directly to testing and have them installed just prior to
> release. Look at the mess with doc-debian, for an example of the issues
> here.

That means DDP as a project needs serious revival and is outside the scope 
of this request.

> I'd rather have documentation packages treated differently in order to
> be able to have a "documentation freeze" followed by a "translation
> freeze" prior to release and not have the need to plan that a few
> months in advance (the regular freeze).

If that would be OK'ed by ftp masters and release managers, then I agree 
that packaging the release notes would make sense.

> In any case, I still think it would be best to have a 'doc.debian.org'
> pseudo package and have the Release Notes (or any other documentation)
> use that as BTS placeholder. You could ask people to prepend bugs
> reports (or retitle them) with the name of the document in order to
> distinguish which document does it apply to. That would allow
> documentation contributors to quickly review the bugs in all our ddp
> documentation instead of having to browse through 10+ bug pages
> (doc-debian, java-common, harden-doc, release-notes, etc.)

Again I have to disagree with you. The documentation you name is all 
already packaged and so bug reports can (and should) already be filed 
against the individual packages. Therefore I see no reason for a 
'doc.debian.org' pseudo package.
If you know of other documentation besides the Release Notes that is 
currently _not_ packaged, then it might make sense to use a more general 
name. If not, I'd still prefer a pseudo package "release-notes".

If you want to make DDP bugs more easily accessible in the BTS, I would 
suggest setting the maintainer of all DDP packages to "debian-doc@l.d.o" 
and setting current individual maintainers as uploader and having them 
subscribe to also receive the bug reports.
That would mean you can get an overview over all DDP bugs using:


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