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Re: How about the process of transformation of document in sgml?

Hi Yooseong,

thanks for your work on Korean documentation.

On Fri, Mar 25, 2005 at 09:17:57AM +0900, Yooseong Yang wrote:
> Hello,
> I have translated and revised debian-history.sgml into korean. 
> However I can't find out the document in korean in www.debian.org/doc/.
> transformed into html, ps, pdf and txt. 

You do not find it since Korean was excluded in Makefile. I changed this
once in my local tree but it seems I never committed it.
Nevertheless it's now fixed in CVS.

I also checked in a new version of project-history.ko.sgml (without changes)
to force a rebuild on the server.

> I do the job personally one by one? Let me know the process. 

No, it works automatically. But it was necessary to add "ko" to
supported languages in doc/misc-manuals.wml in website CVS.
(I appended it to the current language list, maybe it should be sorted

Please, proofread the document once it is available on the web server
(in approximately 4 hours, maybe later, don't know how often DDP
rebuilds). Ensure that it is proper Korean.

I think it is possible that building on www-master fails such as for
apt-howto. I will check this too but need help from others.


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