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Re: HOWTO Help (was: Debian DPL Debate Comments)

El d�23/03/2005 a 05:32 Alexander Schmehl escribio ...

> * Frans Pop <aragorn@tiscali.nl> [050322 22:25]:
> > > AFAIK we don't have a good "What you can do to help us" documentation
> > > (please correct me, if I am wrong).
> > How about http://www.debian.org/devel/join/ ?
> > Which is linked from the main debian.org page (bottom left: "Help Debian")
> I think it is quite short and is missing some quite easy tasks that can
> be done by nearly everyone.

It's a very good start...
> I did the mentioned talk and am about to write the document, because I
> got asked a couple of times what people can do to help us, so I think
> there is need for a more detailed document about that.

Sure, there's always people asking for such things and such a
documment would be really helpful for them and the end for Debian.
I've heard damog did similar thing recently. I've tried to do a
start working on similar documment after my talk at DC4, not made
real progress though, but I'd be more than likely to work on this once
I manage to "get things on the road" again. Probably putting a draft
of what you've summarized on debian-doc can be a good starting point.


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