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Re: Debian Installer Manual structure and build tools

Nikolai Prokoschenko schrieb:
On Mar 02, 2005 at 10:51:03PM +0100, Osamu Aoki wrote:
In debiandoc-sgml to PDF conversion script, we got decent non-ISO-1
language support (Russian and Polish) just changing generated LaTeX
source starting section.

No problem at all at the moment with db2latex-xsl.

Nice to see that LaTeX is now supported as well. The last time I looked at the .tex code of d-i manual (one or two months ago?) it was a TeX file
and this is much harder to support.

In both cases, LaTeX sorce needs a bit of care by the guru like Jens.

Who's Jens? ;) I sure hope he can join us, as we'll definitely need some
LaTeX help, I've managed to hack something together, but I wouldn't call
be a guru.

That's me. I would not say I'm a LaTeX guru but I'm a mathematician and
used LaTeX in the past very often.

And the last but not least: Fonts. To be solved for every language

Usually, standard UTF-8 oriented fonts support most ones west of Russia.
You only need funny ones whrn you use them :-)

I remember that I searched for free Korean fonts a long time and failed.
Nevertheless they are (and were) available but I wasn't able to find
these until I got a hint on this list.

PS: I know about a unicode package for LaTeX. I thing the name is ucs
or similar. I added a few of these information to a debiandoc-sgml bug report (one of these, which were closed with the last version).

I do not know the current situation well enough. I will look at the source
and see how I can help (don't know much about XSLT, ...).


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