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Re: Debian Installer Manual structure and build tools


On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 12:58:24AM +0100, Nikolai Prokoschenko wrote:
> On Mar 01, 2005 at 04:20:08PM +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> > We are not completely happy with the current PDF files. For one we can 
> > only really build langs that use Western encodings. Russian works, but is 
> > not very pretty; Japanese and Greek are currently not possible.
> > Nikolai Prokoschenko has done a lot of work on improving db2latex for use 
> > with the manual.
> A quick comment on this:
> Another problem we'll face is the extremely poor non-latin LaTeX support.
> Every TeX hacker seems to create his own ways to typeset his language,
> without ensuring compatibility with the other languages. So, I couldn't
> mix Greek and English in LaTeX yet. I guess, your experience with Debian
> Reference and its LaTeX conversion could be used here ;)

In debiandoc-sgml to PDF conversion script, we got decent non-ISO-1
language support (Russian and Polish) just changing generated LaTeX
source starting section.

As for Chinese and Japanese we need cjk-latex needs to be installed with
its recommended font package.  (It was supposed to be for Korean by its
name and package description.  But it does not work.)

As for Korean, you need hlatex and its recommended font package.

In both cases, LaTeX sorce needs a bit of care by the guru like Jens.

> And the last but not least: Fonts. To be solved for every language
> separately.

Usually, standard UTF-8 oriented fonts support most ones west of Russia.
You only need funny ones whrn you use them :-) 


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