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Re: Debian Installer Manual structure and build tools

On Mar 02, 2005 at 10:51:03PM +0100, Osamu Aoki wrote:

> In debiandoc-sgml to PDF conversion script, we got decent non-ISO-1
> language support (Russian and Polish) just changing generated LaTeX
> source starting section.

No problem at all at the moment with db2latex-xsl. 

> As for Chinese and Japanese we need cjk-latex needs to be installed with
> its recommended font package.  (It was supposed to be for Korean by its
> name and package description.  But it does not work.)

> In both cases, LaTeX sorce needs a bit of care by the guru like Jens.

Who's Jens? ;) I sure hope he can join us, as we'll definitely need some
LaTeX help, I've managed to hack something together, but I wouldn't call
be a guru.

> > And the last but not least: Fonts. To be solved for every language
> > separately.
> Usually, standard UTF-8 oriented fonts support most ones west of Russia.
> You only need funny ones whrn you use them :-) 

Yes, but if we dare to go east of Russia, we'll get all sort of problems,
especially, if we want to combine languages. But all the technical
problems can actually get solved (I've managed to combine Greek, Japanese
and Russian in one document using cjk-latex and Cyberbit font), the actual
problem is that all available fonts are not really ready for Unicode and
the ones that are are not free. For example, for CJK the Cyberbit font is
proposed everywhere on the net, which is not usable in the Debian context
because it's definitely non-free.

Nikolai Prokoschenko 
nikolai@prokoschenko.de / Jabber: pronik@jabber.org

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