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Re: Request of restoration of the DDP CVS at gluck

On Wed, Feb 25, 2004 at 01:49:40AM +0000, James Troup wrote:
> > Attached is a list of the DD that have contributed to the DDP CVS at some 
> > point. Please create a debian-doc group with these and restrict the CVS 
> > with it. Not all of them are active but we can do the filtering later on, 
> > as soon as the CVS is reinstated we will make an announcement with the 
> > current status and how/when the project will be moved to Alioth.
> I've added all except those who had inactive accounts[1].  I've also
> restored CVS.  ssh should work and anonymous pserver does.  

Great thanks. Works like a charm.

> NB: pserver access control is now centralized rather than
> per-repository for security reasons, so any changes you need made for
> pserver accounts will have to go through debian-admin.

Hopefully no changes will be needed since most will be moved to Alioth.

> > Noted. For the time being we are going to move data from gluck to Alioth 
> > and keep the scripts in gluck's CVS. I understand that the cron job at 
> > klecker will be updating it's contents from gluck's CVS. Correct?
> Sorry, which cron job?

The one that runs at klecker and compiles the sgml files in the DDP CVS for 
publishing under w.d.o/doc/. If I'm correct, it runs in klecker. We  We are 
thinking on different approaches to either avoid this or minimise the risk 
of running Makefiles/scripts which are being pulled from other systems 
which might be more exposed or susceptible to attack.

> > Is there a way for us to supervise that cronjob?
> The 'debwww' group have login to klecker, will that suffice?

Yes, that would suffy. I understand that it's not the case currently, is 
it? Thank you for your work.


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