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Re: Action plan poll for DDP

Thaks for comment.

One question.  What do you think about translators issue and disabled
pserver issue.

Here is the back ground of this question.

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 05:29:52PM -0500, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Only one CVSROOT please!

As I understood the previous discussion by Francesco P. Lovergine and
Javi, that we will have 2 CVSROOT for security reason.

Idea is that
1. We have many translators to which we do not know much.
2. Giving them full CVS write acess produce situation that they can
   write to Makefile and script.
3. These maybe run by cron for making web page on gluck.
4. This means non-DD can run script on gluck if we add them to pserver
5. Once we close pserver on gluck, we need another tree for translator.

Then as Francesco said, if we are careful, proofread build scripts on
cvs.debian.org (gluck) can build web page securely while SGML/XML
source are write accessible by many people.

(Francesco actually want to split source put each into different CVS

Anyway, I need working CVS ASAP.  If it does not build web page, I can

We can create web page on alioth too.  Then by changing webwml sorces to
pint to new location, we may have more freedom.  (But issue of script
stays.  Maybe we should create another project with fewer people who
will update these Makefile and script files.  Then control write access
to CVS by using these groups on Alioth.)

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