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Re: How to join new DDP activity in alioth.d.o

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 10:09:54PM +0100, Josip Rodin wrote:
> On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 04:43:05PM +0100, Osamu Aoki wrote:
> > Although DDP at alioth.d.o has not functioning yet, it is not too early
> > to get account.  Joy, I know you are busy now.  I think some blessing by
> > you stating that this is really the direction you envision for the
> > future of DDP, will help gain more momentum of DDP.  (CCed joy just to
> > get extra attention.)
> You're just annoying me, but okay ;) I have no idea what to think of your
> idea because I definitely don't have time to deal with it, and I will not
> endorse nor object to anything at this point...
> The whole idea of the documentation project depending on one person, be it
> Oliver, Adam, myself or anyone else, is flawed. Someone should simply do
> whatever work needs to be done, and that's about it...


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