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How to join new DDP activity in alioth.d.o


Although DDP at alioth.d.o has not functioning yet, it is not too early
to get account.  Joy, I know you are busy now.  I think some blessing by
you stating that this is really the direction you envision for the
future of DDP, will help gain more momentum of DDP.  (CCed joy just to
get extra attention.)

Anyway, first, DDP at alioth.d.o is located at:


You can see all the active members listed there.

Here is "HOWTO" for the people thinking about joining.

1.  If you are DD who maintains one section of DDP, please get your
    password for alioth.d.o for the same account name you use at
    ordinary debian machines.

    * Browse http://alioth.debian.org
    * Click "Log In"
    * Put your DD account name into "Login Name:"
    * Click "[Lost your password?]"  (Then, the rest is self explanatory)
    * If you need "Project Admins:" status, post here to request it.

       (Recently, me and javi has been added to "Project Admins:".)

2.  If you are non-DD and thinking to continue or join DDP.

    * Browse http://alioth.debian.org
    * Click "New Account"  (Then, the rest is self explanatory)
    * Ask to be added after gaining trust from one of the "Project
      Admins:" by sending good patches or from leveraging previous
      interactions with them.

Please understand my statement here is not the official request by the
DDP project.  I am simply giving "comment" to the people who share my
idea of smooth transition.  We as a project may decide to transition
differently but this action shall not hinder any decision made later.



PS: I am adding all my translators who responded to "developer" status.

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