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XML Catalogs status ? (Was: Re: OASIS Membership[...])


first of all thanks for your long explanation.

On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 05:13:18PM -0400, mark@dulug.duke.edu wrote:
> What I am aware of as far as Debian involvement in OASIS is that Ardo van 
> Rangelrooij and myself are both on the Entity Resolution Technical Committee. The 
> work of this committee is quite important as we are presently working on the XML 
> Catalogs specification, which helps XML tools find the resources they need while 
> processing/editing/etc. XML documents. Also, the Debian implementation of XML 
> catalogs will very likely be included as one example in the OASIS implementation 
> guide for XML Catalogs. So we _are_ making a difference. 

What is the current status of XML catalogs?

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