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Re: XML Catalogs status ? (Was: Re: OASIS Membership[...])

Quoting Pierre Machard <pmachard@tuxfamily.org>:

> What is the current status of XML catalogs?
Pierre (and others),

Below is the message I just sent to debian-devel, but forgot to cross-post to 
debian-sgml & debian-doc. I hope it addresses your questions.


Quoting Jochen Voss <jvoss2@web.de>: 

 > On Wed, Jul 02, 2003 at 05:13:18PM -0400, mark@dulug.duke.edu wrote: 
 > > Also, the Debian implementation of XML 
 > > catalogs will very likely be included as one example in the OASIS 
 > > implementation guide for XML Catalogs. So we _are_ making a difference. 
 > This is interesting.  But is there actually such a thing like a 
 > "Debian implementation of XML catalogs".  I was under the impression 
 > that packages like docbook-xml[1] and scrollkeeper[2] prefer to not 
 > register their xml files at the moment and that there are currently 
 > no working xml catalogs on Debian systems. 

 You're quite right. Ardo & I (with helpful input from Adam DiCarlo) have been 
 working on the policy and the infrastructure packages for the last few months. 

 I have the first policy draft complete, but due to the fact that I'm in the 
 process of relocating and job-hunting (and am using someone else's floppy-free 
 Mac to do webmail) I don't presently have the time or the means to check-in or 
 upload any files. 

 Early next week Ardo & I should have both of our relative stuff ready and 
 uploaded. At that time I'll post an announcement to debian-devel. 


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