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Re: doc-base interchange DTD

> How do you know what "one's language" is?

I think I can do that with $LANG and $LC_*, there's also a python
module called 'locale', which should do the job.

>> Further, my understanding is that a
>> document with the language attribute "fr" will not be displayed for
>> that Spanish user, however he should be able to reach French- only
>> (<document lang="fr">) documents via a link in each section,
>> provided French documents exist there.

> Well, we need to step back here.  One thing to remember is that a doc
> has one document registration file, and it's translation has another.
> They are separate document.  I don't know how you're going to do "fall
> back" at all, unless I add some way to link one doc to another.

Actually, I wasn't concerned about falling back from a translation to
the original document. The fallback thing would only show English
version of, say, <abstract>, if the native version wasn't available.
Is a reference from translated to original document worth the trouble?

I'll go and try to understand some of Dublin Core, haven't heard of it

> It's a whole kettle of fish.  I'm trying to just do one thing at a
> time.

I don't wanna push :)

Daniel Nouri

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