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doc-base interchange DTD

Hello Adam!
Please have a look on the DTD that I wrote for the doc-base / dhelp
hook thing. Feel free to modify it.
I will write the parser to ignore every piece of information that does
not comply with the DTD, thus being sort of future proof, like you
I thought that when de-registering a documentation, we could just give
the name to the hook and that was it.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!ELEMENT documents (document*)>

<!ELEMENT document (name,title,author,abstract,section,resource+)>
<!ELEMENT name (#CDATA)>
<!ELEMENT title (#CDATA)>
<!ELEMENT author (#CDATA)>
<!ELEMENT abstract (#CDATA)>
<!ELEMENT section (#CDATA)>

<!ELEMENT resource (format,index?,files+)>
<!ELEMENT format (#CDATA)>
<!ELEMENT index (#CDATA)>
<!ELEMENT files (#CDATA)>

Daniel Nouri

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