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Re: doc-base interchange DTD

AD> Rather than name, it should be called the "ID".  I was thinking IDREF
AD> as an attribute on the top-level document actually.

I didn't understand that.

Do you agree with this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!ELEMENT documentset (document*)>

<!ELEMENT document (title+,author,abstract+,section+,resource+)>
        <!ATTLIST document id ID #REQUIRED>

        <!ELEMENT title (#CDATA)>
                <!ATTLIST title lang CDATA "en">
                <!-- RFC 1766- style 2 letter code,
                     "c" is allowed and same as default "en" -->

        <!ELEMENT author (#CDATA)>
        <!ELEMENT abstract (#CDATA)>
                <!ATTLIST abstract lang CDATA "en">

        <!ELEMENT section (#CDATA)>
                <!ATTLIST section lang CDATA "en">

        <!ELEMENT resource (format,index?,files+)>
                <!ELEMENT format (#CDATA)>
                <!ELEMENT index (#CDATA)>
                <!ELEMENT files (#CDATA)>

Daniel Nouri

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