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Re: doc-base interchange DTD

Wait, I'm wrong.  You are doing the ID tag right.

I have only a few changes to propose:

 - use %lang.attrib; 

 - add %lang.attrib to document itself (language of document)

 - RESOURCE renamed REPRESENTATION (e.g., this is a representation of
   a document, seems a bit more natural than a "resource of a doc")

 - section doesn't need a language

 - abstract is optional

Why is "c" allowed as same as "en"?  That seems wrong to me.

I also respaced it like I like.

Here it is.

...Adam Di Carlo...<adam@onshored.com>.......<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ASCII"?>

<!-- attribute specifying the language -->
<!-- RFC1766 language code             -->
<!ENTITY % lang.attrib
          'lang CDATA "en"'>

<!ELEMENT documentset (document*)>

<!ELEMENT document (title+,author,abstract*,section+,representation+)>
<!ATTLIST document
          id ID #REQUIRED

<!ELEMENT title (#CDATA)>
<!ATTLIST title

<!ELEMENT author (#CDATA)>

<!ELEMENT abstract (#CDATA)>
<!ATTLIST abstract

<!ELEMENT section (#CDATA)>

<!ELEMENT representation (format,index?,files)>

<!ELEMENT format (#CDATA)>

<!ELEMENT index (#CDATA)>

<!ELEMENT files (#CDATA)>

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