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Re: cvs commit to ddp/manuals.sgml/securing-howto by jfs

(please, don't quote the full message, only the relevant parts(

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 08:05:45PM -0700, Chris Tillman wrote:
> We would certainly appreciate your help, Brian and Larry. I proofed
> about 30% of the document last night, and I was really flagging after

¿really flagging? Don't know the expression and wether it's good or bad :)

> 3 hours. It is a very long document, and while Javi is a good
> English-as-second-language speaker, there are still a lot of little
> things to edit to make it sound good to a native speaker.

Well, some parts where not written by myself, but by
the original author of the document (Alexander Reelsen). So probably
the new sections (written solely by me) might have more typos/grammar mistakes
see (probably very cumbersome)

> Would you guys like to split the other two thirds? I ended up at
> the beginning of <sect id="kernel-patch">, and the two-thirds point
> would be about <sect id="vpn">. I did check my changes in.

Thanks a lot for organising the effort, Chris.

Besides grammar corrections, in any case, I would appreciate a technical
proof reading in order to determine if the things I talk about are
appropiate. I have donde tests on my own computer for some issues (chrooting
SSH for example, or using makejail, pam_chroot, configuring bind) as well
as in production environments at work.

Some other issues, however, have been copied from mailing list answers, or
been sent by contributors, but I have not been able to test them fully.
In any case I expect people at debian-security to help with the technical review
too (but nobody stepped in to help yet)

	Thanks in advance for your work :) I'm starting to think it
just might get to a point where it will be a document worth offering to a
publisher (as "Securing Debian GNU/Linux" [1] [2]) probably after integrating
some other (common to all Linux distributions) information in there.


PS: I did contact Openbooks a while back on this issue (January), but got no response.

[1] There is currently a SANS guide:
based on 

[2] and also a guide published by Openbooks:
which is based on RedHat:
and available at

PPS: I will add these books to the References section

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