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Re: Debian documentation

Em Fri, 21 Jun 2002 12:17:40 +0200, David Schmitt <david@schmitt.edv-bus.at>

> Time is pressing, so I only took a quick glance over the source: The
> Problem is not only doc-base, but also (at least) dhelp, which also is
> language-agnostic. 

I tell you to forget dhelp.. I don't think dhelp is the future... I think
we should concentrate on new programs like doc-central.

> Because of the way the doc-base data is structured, I think that
> doc-base should take a similar approach as debconf, expanding the field
> names with a language-suffix. This would perhaps add the possibility to
> hijack the mergetemplate stuff from debconf and the ddtp infrastructure.

That's a good idea.


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