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Re: Status of the index for Woody Cd's?

On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 12:22:15PM +0200, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Even if you did one, I very much doubt AJ would allow it in woody, that's
> why I haven't done it myself. Clearly this is not a release-critical issue,
> and there is still a slim possibility that a new .deb could be broken
> despite the fact it contains only documentation.

	Given the interest that Aj and other ftpmasters have shown
regarding documentation issues I have to agree with you there. In any case
I do not see how a package that only contains text/html files can break
(well, yes, maybe the installation). 
	However, we should remember that, in any case, user's are our
primary concern here, and we have neglected non-english speaker users for
two releases now. 
	It's only documentation! I remember the developer's reference
giving high priority do documentation upload during the freeze. I have
browsed (a lot) and finally checked the CVS sources, it seems this has
been commented out from 1.77 to 1.78. However check this out
(which *should* apply to experimental even if it's commented out):

The watchword for uploading to frozen is no new
code.  This is a difficult thing to quantify, so here are
some guidelines:
 - documentation bug fixes are allowed, since good documentation is

	Now, two questions:

1.- does this still apply? (i.e. should this paragraph be commented
out and changed from 'frozen' to 'testing') 
Adam, are you reading this?

2.- (if it applies) Why are we so shy of doing this properly for the 3.0r0

> And as for sid, well, sid could wait until my yesterday's physics exam,
> don't you think? :)

	Probably :)


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