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Status of the index for Woody Cd's?

Hi guys, I have not been able to work regarding the automagic index for
documentations (since my wedding is getting far too close...) however I
just read aj's mail regarding woody and did not see doc-debian as one of
the updated packages.

Is doc-debian going to be updated with the translations that people have
made to the w.d.o/doc/ files (due to Denis post at debian-www)? Josip?
Will woody Cd's include the translations for all the documentation we
talked about?

If the answer is no I just might send a mail to
ajt-woody-sucks@debian.org and also submit bugs against doc-debian,
debian-cd and 'general' (related to #106492, #64278, #147164, #106497...)
After all one of the things that should get even if woody is frozen is
documentation. Isn't it?


PS: It seems I will be, in short time, a _very_ unpopular guy just because
of this issue :(

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