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Re: Original & Translation

Entia nos sint multiplicanda sive necesitate. Vide ut quod ore dicas, corde
credas et operis comprobes. Sit in lingua latina aut non sit.

[Things are not to be multiplied without need. See, then, that that which
you say with your lips you believe in your heart and show forth in your works.
May it be in Latin or not at all]

This is a Latin original, with English translation.  The Latin is to be 
regarded as authoritative. Where does this go?

Ceci ci-joint n'existe qu'en francais: il n'y a pas aucune traduction.

Y este queda solamente en espanol.

Like Martin, I am conscious of the fact that there may be perfectly 
good authoriatative documents e.g.  HOWTO's in Spanish / Dutch / French
(which are the languages I read most readily): I suspect the same is true
in Italian, Romanian and Telugu.  If I take a Dutch HOWTO and translate it
or use the contents to build a better HOWTO in English, where does it go.

The world is not Anglophone or even Anglo-centric: the map stopped being
pink a while ago. There is always the Chinese relativity principle: whatever
you do that is worthwhile in life, approximately 1bn Chinese couldn't care less.


Andy [not currently subscribed please cc in any response.]

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